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What is Self Storage , And How to Choose

Self Storage  translated into Portuguese means self-storage — is an option for storing things for people who have no space to store their goods but have no interest in getting rid of them. However, it is common to confuse it with traditional furniture stores, a type of shed where several people move or renovate their houses and leave their belongings for a determined time.

The big difference is precisely this: while the furniture storage works as a joint shed, in Self Storage, the belongings  stor in individual boxes, whether furniture, collections, documents, valuables, and so many other items in disuse at the moment.

Therefore, this type of storage makes the spaces of the residences better used. Not to mention that being free of excesses, the environment will be lighter to harmonize with the rest of the decoration of the house.

For companies, Self Storage can serve as an archive or store goods, such as general stock. Therefore, it brings a great advantage, as it provides companies and offices with ideal space to develop their activities, in addition to reducing expenses with the rent of extra rooms for storage, for example.

How To Choose The Best Self-Storage

The demand for self-storage, a self-storage service, has increased more and more in Brazil in recent years. Widely used in the United States, this type of storage is a great option when you want to relieve overloaded home environments or organize materials from a particular company.

But caution is needed. When choosing the Self Storage where you will store your belongings, you need to consider some aspects to ensure you are signing a reliable contract.

Trusted Companies

The first is to ensure the company’s history to know if the institution is recognized and specialized in the field. You can do this by checking, for example, if the company’s website is updated frequently, if the page contains relevant information and if the institution’s name is clean on sites like Reclame Aqui.

Nearby Storage Service

The idea of ​​hiring a Self Storage is to combine safety and convenience for your routine, right? Therefore, considering the importance of location, you should consider the distance between the addresses of storage sheds in your home or office. After all, having to cross the city every time you need to access your box is not practical.

And anyone who intends to use Self Storage as a retail store or office extension should pay extra attention to this issue, as they will undoubtedly need to go to the boxes much more often.

Reflect On Your Need

Don’t act on impulse. Instead, think carefully about the type of object you plan to store, how long you need to keep it, and how often you plan to access it. It would help if you answered these fundamental questions before signing the contract, as they are directly related to the boxes’ size, structure, and price.

And if you intend to store objects for long periods, it’s worth getting to know the warehouse facilities in depth to ensure the items are cleaned, maintained, and monitored. This way, you guarantee that you will protect your belongings from dirt, mold, or insects.

The Climate of the Mini Depot

Certain weather features can spoil your furniture or some documents sensitive to extreme heat or cold. Therefore, the self-storage region must  analyz. Furthermore, depending on the climate, it is interesting to have climate control inside the storage place always to maintain an adequate temperature and the integrity of everything that will stor.

Musical instruments, sports equipment, photos, leather items, furniture, documents, photographs, and antiques can damag depending on the temperature.

In addition, you can avoid periodic visits to check the status of your belongings if they are in a box with a properly adjusted temperature.

Ease Of Access And Loading And Unloading

One of the first factors to note is the accessibility of self-storage, especially if what you intend to keep is something that needs to will constantly check.

For example, if you stock your office documents and promotional products in large volumes in a box, the self-storage place must be easily accessible. After all, you will need to visit it periodically.

Another point that must consider is the facilities, including the space for loading and unloading. In the case of those who have furniture and other types of large and heavy objects to store, the place needs to have:

  • access ramps;
  • aisles with the structure to accommodate larger pieces;
  • good lighting.

With these factors corresponding to your needs, this is one more reason not to have problems in the future.

Pay A Visit To See The Facilities

Even checking the establishment’s history, following indications, or seeking references from reliable people, it is essential to make an on-site visit to check the Self Storage facilities.

Go to the location, talk to the employees and take the opportunity to ask all your questions before closing the contract. Only then can you be sure about the quality of the facilities where you will store your belongings.

The shed’s structure, the size of the ceiling height, the type of floor of the box, and other aspects can influence your choice — especially if you intend to store fragile or valuable objects.


It is one of the main points for choosing a service provider. It is interesting to talk to people who use or have used the furniture store you intend to rent. This way, you gather references and ensure that the place you choose is safe to keep your goods.

When renting a box, do not forget to observe these characteristics and consider each one. Thus, you preserve the items that will keep and have peace of mind when closing the contract.

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