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Types Of Technology That Facilitate Learning in Digital Education

Facilitate Learning: No formula says that for a teaching approach to be considered digital education, it needs to have this or that technology. But here, we will present some modern approaches that fit very well in the world of education.

Gamification, distance education, robotization, and programming are promising pedagogical trends. As we have already explained, digital education occurs when technological resources will use in teaching.


  • Gamification is a neologism inspired by the English term gamification, which refers to games, that is, electronic computer games and video games.
  • In education, gamification means using some mechanisms and languages ​​typical of games to build a more playful teaching approach.
  • The intention is to arouse greater interest and motivation in students who have fun learning and advancing their studies.
  • In games, for example, it is common for the player to advance through stages and collect symbolic (fictional) prizes as he fulfills the proposed objectives.
  • The more he advances, the more the difficulty increases, and the player accumulates a reputation in that game’s community.
  • It’s a dynamic that makes you want to play all the time to keep evolving and increasing your reputation.
  • Why not use the exact reward mechanism in studies, where there is also this dynamic of accumulating knowledge and where the next lesson is always more complex?


  • EaD is the acronym for distance learning, which means transmitting knowledge between teacher and student without being in the same physical environment.
  • Generally, the term refers to courses offered by educational institutions with a beginning, middle, and end.
  • Instead of lectures, there are video classes with teachers, which can will record or live.
  • Students have, at their disposal, indications and links for readings on the teaching platform and the possibility of interacting with each other in forums.
  • The assessment of students, contrary to what critics of the modality think, is not neglected: some tests and assignments must be delivered so that they can advance in the course modules.
  • For teachers, the great advantage is that they do not have to repeat the same class in person and live with different students. Instead, they record the types and manage their doubts about the course.
  • They can dedicate themselves to improving the content and teaching methods and better mentoring students in their free time.

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  • When talking about a robot, less and less, this word will mean a machine with humanoid features such as arms, legs, and head.
  • Modern robots are algorithms and artificial intelligence systems that allow certain decisions to will make automatically without interference from a human.
  • One of the trends in digital education is to use these resources to make teaching management even more efficient.
  • Chatbots, for example, can answer student questions, and algorithms can create custom tests for student assessment. But, of course, none of this implies the complete dehumanization of education.
  • They are just more resources that can use in specific contexts to increase the possibilities of interaction between students and content in a scalable way.

Robotics And Programming

  • While robotization is the automation of specific processes by machines or systems, robotics is the branch of education that teaches students to develop robots in the more traditional sense: physical structures controlled remotely by integrated circuits.
  • Programming is the process of writing code for a computer system or program.
  • These two areas are not precisely digital education technologies, but we cite both as contents that should gain strength in school curricula in the Information Age.
  • After all, robotics and programming are fields whose innovations directly influence people’s daily lives worldwide.
  • So, young people must understand how it works from an early age.
  • Not to mention that knowledge in these areas forms a highly valued professional in the current job market.

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