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What is stock Analysis – Strategies, How to work

Learning stock Analysis is one of the main steps for every new investor in the financial market. It is because, with variable income, it is possible to increase equity and become a partner in large companies.

To make a good stock analysis, it is essential to know the main methods used in the market and to understand the differences between fundamental and technical analysis.

What is Stock Analysis?

The stock analysis consists of evaluating the stocks traded on the stock exchange. In this sense, two strategies can be used,  fundamental analysis and technical analysis.

To value a stock, one can consider the price paid for the asset, the quality of the company behind that stock, and price changes over time.

However, analyzing stocks is still a recurring question among new participants who do not understand how it works.

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How Does Stock Analysis Work?

Fundamental analysis evaluates the quality of a company, considering some variables about its price.

On the other hand, technical analysis uses graphical projections to understand when to buy and sell stock to maximize profits.

In this way, it is possible to assess whether a particular stock is worth purchasing or not, considering these factors.

However, it is worth seeing that the two types of analysis will not always produce the same result. For example, according to fundamentalist principles, an asset can be considered unsuitable for purchase, but under technical regulations, it can have an excellent opportunity for appreciation.

Finally, it is worth noting that the investor must carefully evaluate which methods to use and when to use them. We want to help you attain your monetary goals. Meet Suno Consulting.

What Are The Strategies For Analyzing Stocks?

To do a good stock analysis, it is essential to know the main methods used in the market. This way, it is possible to understand mainly the differences between fundamental and technical analysis, the two aspects most used by professionals in the field.

There Are Two Main Stock Analysis Strategies, Which Are:

  • Fundamental analysis;
  • Technical analysis.
  • fundamental analysis

Fundamental analysis is a study that evaluates the fundamentals of publicly traded companies listed on the stock exchange.

In fact: the main objective of fundamental analysis is to find the fair price of stocks through multiples and indicators.

In addition, the company’s economic and sector scenario and possible financial

In this way, the investor can define perspectives on the role and analyze stocks to verify if investing makes sense.

Thus, with a focus on the long term, the investor must observe some fundamentals such as predictability, history, management, and other indicators.

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