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The Importance of Visual Identity in Your Social Networks

Visual Identity: There is no doubt that the Internet is an evident environment. With higher connection speeds and increasing ability to reproduce images and videos in high definition, it is natural that text is no longer the element that draws the most attention on a page. This reflection is especially relevant when discussing visual identity on social networks.

Considering numerous platforms are dedicated primarily to image sharing, such as Instagram, it is evident that the visual presentation of your content matters a lot.

This article will explain why visual identity on social networks is so significant for your publications. It is worth remembering that this design task is not only relevant on the Internet. It is linked to the image management of a company.

Let’s do the following experiment: think of a world-renowned brand. There is an almost 100% chance that you have thought of two main factors:

But What Is Visual Identity Anyway?

Before continuing with our article, let’s define what visual identity is. In a very summarized way, it represents your company’s positioning, values ​​, and ideals in images, colors, and shapes. In the most basic of examples, this is where the logos, symbols, and color schemes that identify an organization come in.

And it’s not just today that visual identity is essential. From the great civilizations to the family coats of arms of the Middle Ages, condensing the information into an optical unit was already a fundamental practice. In times of the World Cup, for example, how can you not remember the uniforms and flags of each country?

As far as companies are concerned, since the Industrial Revolution, visual identity has become integral to creating a brand. In the 20th century, giants like Apple, Nike, and Coca-Cola sanctioned and perfected the commercial use of this resource.

Want to know how you can create your visual identity? Check out this free guide on “How to Create Your Visual Identity and Promote Your Brand.”

Visual Identity on Social Networks

What catches your attention the most when you look through your timeline on any social network? Indeed the determining factor is the images of each post. But, have you noticed that you could recognize who created certain content just by looking at the pictures?

The visual identity on social networks will allow just that, that your posts are easily recognized in the users’ feed. We know that most networks are marked by the constant and massive flow of content. So working on your images allows your posts to be instantly recognizable. With this, your material is not lost in the source of daily information on social networks.

And when opening the page of a service or product? What is your impression when faced with a striking and well-finished design? A well-crafted and creative visual identity has the power to convey credibility to the brand. In addition, of course, to instill the curiosity of the visitor. And this is not all.

The design of your pages can also be creatively worked on to provide the user with the same outstanding experience as the other channels your brand uses. This is where the Branding above begins to come into play.

Visual coherence is essential for your brand’s visual identity on social media. When colors, typography, and iconography automatically refer to your brand, you open a path to winning over customers because the optical unit helps capture new visitors and retain those already recurring.

Visual Identity Also Impacts The Market

Conquering a place “in the sun” among so many competitors is not an easy task. And here, we are not just referring to communication aimed at customers. After all, the market, in general, must also recognize your organization. This is yet another aspect to be impacted by the visual identity.

If this design effort allows the public to perceive your brand as professional, it would be no different from other companies. Even some partnerships may arise from the analysis of their social networks. A coherent feed for your profiles can make all the difference. The sum of being well seen and being remembered also helps to guarantee your space in the market.

There is still a curious fact that is worth mentioning, proven by experience and research. The point is that many large companies have faced negative impacts when trying to alter their iconography drastically. The reason is that customers don’t recognize the brand they like after the changes. This is proof of the enormous power that a striking visual identity has.

Your presence on social media is subject to the same fluctuations. Something that can, and should, be used to your advantage. Have custom skins and avatars across all your social networks to establish a consistent presence. So, wherever the user finds your brand, it will be easily identified. And be active in your posts too. Well, as necessary as your visual identity on social media is the frequency with which your graphic material is posted.


Creating and using your visual identity on social media allows your social media presence to lead to the following results:

  • Own and standardized identity
  • Perception of professionalism
  • Greater prominence for your service or product
  • Enhancement of your brand

We can conclude that if there are foods that are “eaten with the eyes,” there are brands that grow with the visual identity. This fact, for traditional marketing, is doubly relevant in the digital environment. Remember: managing your brand on social media is a complex whole that unites text, content, and image. In an excellent digital strategy, none of these is more important than the other.

Your brand must unite experiences and solutions to be offered to the customer. Visual identity is one of the tools that will help give body and coherence to your communication strategies. And don’t forget that great brands, when remembered, will permanently mark the experiences offered to customers, including the visual identity, among the most important memories.

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