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Vending machine: how to create one in your company

Vending machine: The sales machine concept refers to a profitable and scalable business model in which any product or service can reach new levels of sales and contracts, following an appropriate methodology.

Creating strategies to grow your company requires commitment from various organization sectors, ranging from the production line to the commercial and logistics sector. If you want to know better how to maximize your profits, keep following this article.

Vending Machine: What Does It Mean?

Transforming your business into a sales machine requires business planning, in which it is necessary to create structured processes. It is essential to be prepared to deal with growth directly through the qualified leads gained.

The sales machine concept, therefore, provides for the use of assertive methodologies in winning and retaining customers, reflecting predictability, profitability, and one of the essential points: scalability.

Predictability: when there is knowledge of everything that happens within the organization, it is possible to anticipate possible scenarios and discover better business opportunities,

Scalability: concerns a characteristic that must be inherent to every company, that is, scaling processes, excelling in results over time, preserving and improving all sales channels

What Is Scalability, And How Is It Related To The Vending Machine?

It was already possible to realize that having a scalable business is very important. This term is used to classify a company that manages to increase its revenue without increasing its costs.

This way, all strategic business planning is designed to make the company scalable, with continuous growth, more significant profit, and less wear and tear.

It is worth mentioning that a scalable company can achieve remarkable results with leaner investments, which brings tranquility and, in a way, greater freedom to its creators. There are, however, two models of scalability within a business. Are they:

  • Horizontal Scalability

In this horizontal scalability model, the main objective of an organization is to become a market reference in general. In this way, the company seeks to diversify its activities, serving many customers and segments.

  • Vertical Scalability

vertical scalability model, the business seeks growth within its market niche, focusing on its main activities, the company’s specialties, and its reason for creation, the so-called core business.

How To Make Your Sales Machine A Reality?

For your company’s sales machine project to become a reality and will see in practice, it is necessary to be aware of some main points, ranging from restructuring processes and internal qualification to the customer experience and use of technology. We’ll talk more about that later.

  • Focus On Leads

Leads are a company’s potential customers. To increase this audience and conquer it once and for all, seek to understand its profile, consumption habits, and behavior to bring approaches that generate value for consumers.

A paradigm shift brought about by digital transformation was the change in consumption requirements. If previously factors such as price and ease guided sales, the customer experience is a determining factor.

Personalized service is essential to attract and win leads. Be where your audience is; try to think as they think and understand their worldview.

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  • Invest In Training

We have already mentioned the importance of customer service and how it is an essential step for your company to become a sales machine. Developing an exciting product that meets your customer’s pain and refined service that improves people’s lives is not enough.

Relying on quality and low price also does not support the sales and success of a business. That’s because every audience from any segment wants to feel special; valued. And what’s the point of having impeccable processes if, in the end, the service isn’t up to par?

For this reason, train your team and develop the commercial team to the point where your employees become your brand ambassadors. It is possible to create a sales and actions manual thinking about the omnichannel experience, for example.

An immense amount of data about the customer base is also essential for the after-sales approach and follow-up to be unique and create an unforgettable experience.

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Count on Technological Tools

To successfully attract, satisfy and retain customers, it is vital to have a technological system in your business. An ERP software is essential for integrating data from all company sectors, organizing documents, and facilitating internal and external communication.

By balancing and helping to control the organization’s sales processes and business strategies, a management system is an indispensable tool, collaborating directly for you to understand consumer pain better and succeed in solving them, standing out from the competition.

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Another great ally to turn your company into a sales machine is the CRM ( Customer Relationship Management ) system, which helps to optimize your relationship with customers in a simplified way, understanding the behavior of the public, consumption habits, and tracing profiles, then that makes it possible to direct targeted and personalized offers and campaigns, enhancing the journey.

Prepare Your Vending Machine With Technology

Throughout this content, we talk about the concept of a sales machine, explaining the meaning of the term and the importance of scalability in business. We also present tips to enhance your processes and increase your profits.

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