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Encryption  Write For Us

Encryption Write For Us

Encryption is a cybersecurity measure that encrypts plain text so that it can only be read by the user with the secret code or decryption key. Provides additional security for confidential information.

Large amounts of data are managed online and stored in the cloud or on servers with a constant connection to the Internet. It’s almost impossible to do anything online – from buying new office chairs to logging into your HR portal – without your personal information ending up on a company’s networked computer system. That’s why knowing how to help keep this personal information private is important.

When Should Encryption be used?

It is important to encrypt messages, files and data exchanged online if they contain personal, confidential, or secret information, such as:

  • Email your doctor about an illness
  • Enter your financial information to log in to your online banking account
  • Share a confidential report with your employer
  • Encryption ensures that only the intended recipient can access the information you share.

How does Encryption Work?

Encryption converts plain text, such as text messages or emails, into an unreadable format called ciphertext. It helps protect the confidentiality of digital data, whether stored on computer systems or transmitted over a network such as the Internet.

The information is translated into its original form when the intended recipient accesses the message. It is called decryption.

To decrypt the message, both the sender and recipient must use a “secret” encryption key, a collection of algorithms that encrypt and decrypt the data and convert it into a readable format.

What is an Encryption Algorithm?

An encryption algorithm is a set of rules that typically govern a computer or other technological device such as a smartphone, converting readable data into encrypted ciphertext.

The data encrypted by these algorithms looks like random code. Still, the algorithms intentionally configure this encrypted data to be easily broken back into a readable format using a decryption key.

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Encryption  Write For Us

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