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Production Systems Write For Us

Production Systems Write For Us

A production system converts inputs into outputs. They are the systems that produce a product made up of all the components necessary for its realization.

The input enters the system. As you move through the system, it changes in some way, making the output different from the input, resulting in something with different properties. Of course, a system can have more than one input and output.

Typically, there are five ways to convert inputs to outputs:

  • Separate: One item goes in, and two or more come out. Example: A wooden board is cut into two parts.
  • Assembly: Several items enter and one leaves. Example: wooden boards glued together.
  • Dumping: Objects enter and exit in various ways, as does waste. Example: A block of wood remain shaped using a lathe.
  • Forms: An item is received and issued in a different form without waste. Example: A piece of metal is shaped by hammering.
  • Quality adjustment: an element is input and output with different properties. Example: surface treatment of a metal object.

It is not always easy to directly understand what happens in the black box; We often just accept that it is there. As we move through this activity, we will explore what could happen inside the black box of the production system. This is a big part of understanding production systems.


Components are simply the parts that come together to form a larger system.

If we take this FutureLearn course as an example of a system, all steps are components, and this also applies to all learners taking the course. Course content steps and learners work together to enrich everyone’s knowledge.

Components can be both tangible, digital and intangible. An idea or organization can also be part of a system, so it can sometimes be difficult to define the components.

Only when the components of this course come together in a system will we achieve the goal? And components only work in the context of other components.

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Production Systems Write For Us

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