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Education Write For Us

Education Write For Us

Education is a social institution through which children acquire basic academic knowledge, learning skills, and cultural norms.

The Education is an inseparable part of human life. Without them, human life is incomplete, painful and hopeless. It means conscious instruction or training. The term education derives from the Latin word educare, which means to educate.

The aim is not only to impart knowledge to the students in a few subjects, but also to develop the habits and attitudes with which they can look into the future. Education therefore does not just mean being able to read and write, but is a process of harmonious development of an individual. m.k. Gandhi defined education as “a process that brings out the best in a person’s body, mind and spirit.”

It is an essential tool for improving social development. It is important to promote change and development in society. Education is essential to improve a country’s economy, make the best use of its means and resources, and maintain brotherhood in society. The United Nations defines education as fundamental to improving the quality of human life and ensuring social and economic progress.


Education is not just about the basic academic knowledge a student learns in the classroom. Clubs also train their children outside the school system in questions of practical everyday life. These two types of learning are known as formal education and informal education.

Formal education describes learning academic facts and concepts through a formal curriculum. However, formalized learning methods were only introduced a few hundred years ago. Up until three hundred years ago, few people could read and write. In the past, education remained only reserved for the upper class. Basic education is now considered a right and duty of all citizens.

Informal education describes learning cultural values, norms, and expected behaviors through participation in society. This learning type occurs at home, where parents, other family members and the neighborhood play a role. Through informal education, we learn how to dress for different occasions, prepare food, behave like others, and learn the ethics of life, including social and cultural norms, values, and morals.

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