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Business Administration Course: Some Things You Need To Know

If you are considering taking a business administration course, you are heading down a promising path. After all, it provides the student with broad training, culminating in a vast universe of possibilities for the graduate’s professional career.

Thanks to these characteristics, the administration course is in second place in the list of higher education areas with the most significant number of students in the country.

The administrator, a person trained in the area, works by managing an organization’s financial, material or human resources.

This organization can be a company but also a public entity or NGO linked to the third sector. Also, it is possible to be an entrepreneur and own a business.

In the course, the student has contact with diverse knowledge, allowing him to manage the day-to-day business, create internal processes and policies, and act strategically in planning his future.

The doors that open are so many that it is practically impossible to summarize in a few words.

That’s why we’ve devoted an entire article to talking more about the management course.

All this and a little more you will find in this complete guide, which has reserved the following topics for you:

What Is The Management Course?

  • An administration course is an educational process conducted by an educational institution in which the student will train in the practices of organizational administration.
  • If we only talk about “business management,” it is a very vague term, as there are several types of qualifications that fit the definition.
  • But generally, the term refers to an undergraduate degree in administration, considered the gateway, the first phase of higher education.
  • On the other hand, I will also teach administration in technical, extension, postgraduate, and different categories.
  • In this article, we will mainly talk about the undergraduate course and, towards the end, about other levels of education.
  • In the face-to-face administration course, the most traditional modality, the student attends classes divided into subjects. The difference is that he will learn new topics every semester. Then we’ll talk more about them.
  • Separately, the student will evaluate each subject.
  • In some institutions, the assessment system is flexible and left to the teachers. Others demand a higher standard.
  • What rarely changes is the fact that there is a minimum grade a student needs to achieve to pass. If not, you will have to repeat the course.
  • To complete the course, the student must develop a Course Completion Work (TCC), which an examining board must approve.
  • After finishing the course load and mandatory subjects and having the TCC approved, the student receives his diploma.
  • There is no legal diploma requirement to open a company or work managing an organization or a sector of an organization.
  • But of course, this does not mean that the degree does not make a difference in a professional’s career.
  • On the contrary, training in a reputable institution is a significant differential in the curriculum, proving that the professional has considerable baggage of knowledge in the area.

What will you Study In The Administration Course?

  • In a business administration course, the student learns a series of knowledge and skills such as leading teams, interpersonal communication, business management techniques, and many others.
  • A good business administration course has a diversified curriculum without giving up specific quality content.
  • The faculty must be composed of professors with experience in the market and academics with masters and doctorate degrees.
  • In many disciplines, practical jobs simulate future administrators’ tasks in their careers.
  • At the same time, the student uses the source of knowledge of the great theorists of classical and modern administration.
  • Let’s talk briefly about some of the main areas the course covers to give you a better idea of what business students study.

Project And Process Management

Project And Process Management

The administrator must be able to lead a project (with the planning and monitoring of its progress) and manage day-to-day processes, such as purchasing inputs, inventory control, production process, supply chain, and logistics.

People Management

In the administration course, the student learns to conduct recruitment, selection, talent retention, people development, dismissal, career plan definition, and other activities related to people management.


No good administrator is negligent with the finances of the organization in which he works. Therefore, the student learns concepts of financial management (such as cash flow) and tax management.


Marketing is not just advertising and communication actions. It covers all the steps a company takes to sell more and build a positive image in the market. And the student of the administration course learns about this too.

Strategic Thought

It does not represent a specific area within the company, but outstanding managers are those who think strategically, anticipating problems and opportunities. The student of a business administration course is encouraged to develop this aptitude.

Management Course You Can Work With

The management course opens up many possible avenues

·       What Can You Work With With The Management Course?

  • His job market is even broader than the body of knowledge that a student learns in a business degree.
  • Graduates can choose to open their own company or apply for a position in a company in any field they can imagine.
  • It all depends on your professional goal.
  • And the possibilities for action within the company are also vast.
  • For example, he can work in any position where leadership and management skills are needed.
  • The administrator can focus his career on one of the areas we discussed above (project and process management, people management, finance, and marketing).

Job Market Management Course

Many professionals enter the market in this area every year.

Labor Market

According to the Census of Higher Education 2016 of the Ministry of Education, there are more than 280 options for undergraduate higher education courses in the country.

Of this total, the ten most popular concentrate 51% of enrollments.

The course with the highest number of enrollments (862,300) is law, while the administration course occupies second place, with 711,000 registrations.

You might be startled by this number and think it means you will compete with many people when you graduate.

It’s true, but don’t forget what we highlighted before: the vast administrative job market.

He May Work In Areas Such As:

  • Public administration
  • agribusiness
  • NGO administration
  • Foreign trade
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • Logistics
  • finance
  • And many others.

In the end, the relationship between professionals in the market and job opportunities is still perfect for business students.

Management Course Main Subjects

  • Among the main subjects of the course can include areas such as marketing, law, and psychology
  • Main Subjects Of The Management Course
  • Not every business course is the same.
  • Each university has its curriculum, with a list of subjects the student must take to complete their training.
  • Some subjects are more theoretical, others more practical.
  • Some universities include subjects in the humanities, while others focus heavily on exact sciences.
  • As we have already explained, the administration course’s curriculum is multidisciplinary.
  • It includes knowledge in management, processes, economics, finance, people management, communication, accounting, marketing, law, psychology, statistics, and others.

To give you a better idea, see the name of some subjects that make up the curricular matrix of the administration course at Fundação Instituto de Administração (FIA) :

  • The general theory of administration
  • Fundamentals of Accounting
  • Oral and Written Communication
  • Financial math
  • Advanced Computing
  • Microeconomics
  • Strategic marketing
  • Business strategy
  • Quality and Process Management
  • Labor and Social Security Law
  • Corporate sustainability
  • Business simulation.
  • management course, how many years
  • Usually, the administration course lasts four years.

How Old Is The Business School?

  • The average duration to complete a management course is four years.
  • Understand that when we talk about course duration, we consider the trajectory of a student who enrolls in all the semester subjects provided for in the curriculum.
  • Some universities are flexible and allow students to take more or fewer courses each semester.
  • Taking fewer courses, in turn, is the option that some universities offer so that the student pays a lower monthly fee.
  • The course may take longer than the planned four years in these cases.
  • Just be sure to check that there is no maximum time the student needs to graduate so that the course does not “expire.”

Management Course For Whom It Is

  • The idea is that a student of the administration course has flexibility and knows how to adapt
  • Who Is The Business Administration Course For?
  • Just as the possibilities for action are diverse, so are the desired characteristics of an administrator.
  • The ideal profile of the administration course student is not the same in each area of ​​activity, but we can trace some essential qualities.
  • The administrator needs to be dynamic and flexible, with a high capacity to adapt – because this is the reality that the current market demands.
  • Even if he doesn’t open his own business, it’s good that he has an entrepreneurial spirit, medium and long-term vision, ability to plan and think strategically.
  • A multidisciplinary interest and fast learning student will excel in this area.
  • He has to like numbers and spreadsheets, but also people.
  • Because the administrator needs, in addition to organization and systemic vision, leadership and ease of communication.
  • Don’t be discouraged if you think you don’t have all these characteristics.
  • It is usual for a person to stand out more in some of them.
  • The good news is that all of this can be improved or developed.
  • For example, if you don’t like numbers, maybe because you’ve never studied enough to understand them well.

How To Choose A Management Course?

  • Now, your task is to choose a good management course, to have a quality education that will allow you to stand out in the job market.
  • Don’t mistake choosing the college closest to your home for convenience.
  • Or the one that is cheaper or easier to get into.
  • Higher education is severe, and deciding which institution to study extensively impacts the professional’s future.
  • Start by filtering the Made Concept, a grade from 1 to 5 that institutions receive based on their student’s performance in the National Student Performance Exam (Made).
  • The FIA has the highest score in the Made Concept and two other indicators of teaching quality (IGC and CPC), monitored by the Ministry of Education.
  • The FIA ​​degree is the only business administration course in the country to achieve this result.
  • When analyzing the options, access the website of each of the institutions considered and assess the qualifications of the teaching staff and curriculum structure.

Myths and Truths Management Course

7 Myths And Truths About The Business Administration Course

As in any other area, there are many common ideas about management that are not.Next, we discuss seven myths on the subject and explain the truth.

It Is A Course To Train Entrepreneurs

As we have highlighted throughout the article, the administration course prepares students to work in different areas of an organization.

It’s A Course For The Undecided

Maybe you’ve heard that “those who don’t know which course to choose in the entrance exam end up opting for administration.” This prejudice is due precisely to the fact that it is a course that allows many possibilities. And that should be considered a plus, not a minus.

Need To Know English To Study Administration

If you don’t master the language, prepare to run after it because this is no longer a differential but a prerequisite in the administrator’s curriculum.

For those who want to work in a multinational, we also recommend investing in another language, such as Spanish, German, and Mandarin ( since China is about to become the biggest economy in the world).

It Is Essentially A Practical Course

That is not true. There’s a lot of theory too. And this type of knowledge is fundamental for the formation of the administrator, as the ideas originated from studies on organizational practices.

I Will Be Rich

Don’t worry; a business degree does not, by itself, guarantee financial success. It just gives the necessary tools for the professional to stand out. But the results will depend on their merits, on what use they will make of these tools.

I Will Be A Slave To Work

The administrator usually assumes many responsibilities in the organization in which he works. But don’t be afraid that it will affect your personal life. As the possibilities are diverse, it is not difficult to find a company with great concern for the well-being of its employees.

It’s The Only Course I Need

As the training in administration encompasses the knowledge of several areas, some think they no longer need to study. However, the reality is that every professional must continue learning, specializing, and acquiring new knowledge. The market is too dynamic, and there is always the risk of being left behind.

MBA Postgraduate Management Course

Education for someone who has chosen management cannot stop at graduation. Graduate, Post, And MBA In Business Administration From FIA

By choosing FIA Business School, you can continue the management course and study to become an even better administrator.

In Addition To Graduation, At The FIA, ​​You Do:

Graduate: in areas such as strategic management, financial engineering, market intelligence, and many others

MBA: acronym for Master of Business Administration, in areas such as big data analytics, business management, marketing, and others

Post-MBA: for executives who want continuous improvement

Professional Master’s: the perfect marriage between theory and practice.


management course completion

The administration course leaves the doors open in the market, thus being an excellent choice

The administration course is a broad training that prepares students to work in different organizational areas. This means your range of possibilities in the job market will be huge, but the student needs to be dynamic, flexible, and have a multidisciplinary interest.

So maybe it’s not the course for the undecided, but those thirsty for knowledge and like to learn about everything. But, of course, the system is not just about theory. At the FIA ​​graduation, there are subjects in which students perform practical tasks.

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