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What Is Ad Hoc Search, And How It Works And When To Use It

The term “Ad Hoc” comes from the Latin language and means “for this” or “for this purpose.”

Within the world of market research, it is easy to understand what Ad Hoc research is. Ad Hoc Survey is a customized survey that meets a customer’s needs.

They are more elaborate to carry out since they do not have a predefined methodology. It, therefore, needs to be built by professionals in the are. Made with an Ad Hoc analysis, especially for the client.

This type of work will call Ad Hoc Marketing. Marketers often hire this type of survey to solve problems related to their product or brand, which will solve a one-time (and sample) data collection.

Now that you understand what Ad Hoc research is. Read on and interpret when you should use it.

In what situations can an Ad Hoc search be used?

Ad Hoc research can solve many problems related to a company’s marketing area.A very common problem that can solve based on an Ad Hoc search is the drop in sales of a specific product. It can happen for various reasons, and resolving the issue will only be possible if you understand the main reason for this.

Another everyday use of Ad Hoc research is to test product concepts before launch. In this case, the questionnaire will create to test specific aspects of the product (design, packaging, name, features) with potential consumers.

This information will make it conceivable to understand how the product will be received by the market even before it is launched. Thus avoiding possible rejections.

Step By Step To Perform An Ad Hoc Search

Although it is a more complex research and requires planning, execution, and monitoring by experienced professionals, ad hoc research generally follows some standards for its implementation to be successful. Follow what they are:

Target Audience

Who will answer your survey? It must will defin based on the initial objectives — that’s why we list it as the 1st step — will base on socio-demographic or behavioral characteristics.

Research Sample

The universe means the total existing population that has the characteristics of your target audience. And in most gears, it is practically impossible to interview an entire population universe, which is why we define a sample.

The sample will make made up of people who will respond to the survey, representing the entire universe.

Preparation Of The Questionnaire

It is the most important step in market research, as a small error in the questionnaire can ultimately compromise the validity of the results.

Therefore, the basic rule is that the questionnaire works like a funnel, starting with more general questions and becoming more and more specific.

Application Of The Questionnaire

There are a few ways to apply an it market research questionnaire. And the main courses are traditional surveys (face-to-face or telephone) and digital surveys (collection done through an automated survey platform ) — the latter option offers much more agility for the application of the study.

Analysis Of The Results

The results analysis contains the crossing of information, construction of tables, and compilation of graphs, among others.

On the MindMiners automated research platform, the presentation of results has graphs and a series of filters that help you make your analysis and generate insights more quickly.

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