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Virtualization Write For Us

Virtualization Write For Us

Computing, virtualization, or virtualization (sometimes abbreviated v12n,  numeronym) is creating a virtual (rather than a real) version of something at the same level of abstraction, including virtual computer hardware platforms, storage devices, and network resources of a computer.

Virtualization emerged in the 1960s as a method for logically dividing the system resources provided by mainframe computers across different applications. A prime example of success is IBM CP/CMS. The  CP controller gave each user a simulated standalone System/360 computer. Since then, the meaning of this term has expanded.

 Hardware Virtualization

Hardware virtualization or platform virtualization refers to creating a virtual machine that behaves like a real operating system computer. The software on these virtual machines is separate from the underlying hardware resources. For example, a computer running Arch Linux can run a virtual machine like a computer running the Microsoft Windows operating system. You can run Windows software on a virtual machine.

In hardware virtualization, the host machine is the machine used by virtualization, and the guest machine is the virtual machine. The words “host” and “guest” remain used to distinguish software running on a physical machine from software running on a virtual machine. The software or firmware that creates a virtual machine on the host hardware is called a hypervisor or virtual machine monitor.

Different Types of Hardware Virtualization Include

Full virtualization – A near-complete simulation of real hardware that allows software environments, including the guest operating system and its applications, to run without modification.

Paravirtualization: Guest applications run in their isolated domains as if running on a separate system, but the hardware environment is not simulated. Guest programs must be specifically modified to function in this environment.

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