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Business Research Write For Us

Business Research Write For Us

Business research is systematic research that helps solve business problems and contributes to managerial knowledge. This is applied research. Four factors (Easterby-Smith, 2008)  make economics and management a distinct research area:

  • Transdisciplinary Approach
  • Access to information is difficult because managers view information as a competitive advantage in the marketplace.
  • Managers are educated and want information to be produced through conventional research methods.
  • Discovery must solve practical management problems
  • Managers often need quality information to help them make the right decision.

 Data Collection

“Rigid sampling methods combined with quality data collection” is what  Advertising Age magazine considers the cornerstone of market research. Data can be collected by observing customer behavior via a website search or by processing customer data, for example.G. Record by interviewing customers, prospects, stakeholders, or a general population sample.

Data can be quantitative  (counting sales, clicks, eye-tracking) or qualitative (surveys, questionnaires, interviews, feedback). Aggregating, visualizing, and converting data into actionable information is one of the biggest challenges in market research. Today, text analysis offers market research methods to process large amounts of qualitative information and transform it into quantitative data that is easier to visualize and use for formalized purposes decision-making process.

Audience samples larger than the few hundred or thousands typically used in market research can be used for data collection. The (at least passive) cooperation of the respondents is also necessary, and trust is also useful.

 Small Businesses and Nonprofits

By observing those around them, small businesses and nonprofits can get the information they need. Small surveys and focus groups are inexpensive ways to gather information from potential and existing customers and donors.

While secondary data (statistics, demographics, etc.) is publicly available in libraries or on the web, primary sources, when used well, can be invaluable: an hour of conversation with every twelve people, or two out of every six potential clients, can be  “in invade their spirit”..  feel their needs, desires, and pains. This cannot be determined from a questionnaire.

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