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Wallet Write For Us

Wallet Write For Us

A wallet is a flat bag or pouch commonly used to carry small personal items such as banknotes, debit cards and credit cards. Identification documents include a driver’s license, ID card, club card, Photos, tickets, business cards, and other paper or plastic cards. Wallets are usually made of leather or fabric and are pocket-sized and foldable.

Wallets can have a money clip, wallet, chain clasp, strap, carabiner, reins, or zipper. There are special wallets for storing passports,  ID cards, and checkbooks. Some unusual wallets are worn on the wrist or shoes. Wallets can be a fashion accessory or demonstrate the owner’s style, wealth or status.


The traditional material for wallets is leather or fabric, but many other flexible materials in flat sheet metal can also be used for production. Non-woven materials such as Tyvek are used, sometimes reusing waterproof papers printed on this material.

Braided metals such as fine copper or stainless steel mesh are used in wallets advertised as having electromagnetic shielding properties to protect against unauthorized scanning of NFC and embedded NFC cards. RFID tags DIY websites like Instructables offer many projects for making wallets out of materials like denim, Kevlar, or duct tape.

Regional Differences

Some wallets, particularly in Europe where larger value coins are prevalent, contain a coin purse compartment. Some wallets have built-in clasps or bands to keep them closed. European banknotes, such as euros and pounds, are typically larger than American banknotes, but they do not fit in some smaller American wallets.

 Metaphorical Usage

The term wallet is also used as a synecdoche to refer to an individual’s overall personal budget. One of the definitions of “syndecdoche”, by Sasse, uses a wallet reference as an example of the meaning of the term (“an abbreviated speech in which the containing vessel is mentioned instead of its contents”), such as when a person holds up their wallet to a person asking for money while saying “here is $100”.The wallet has also been used as an example to define a  related rhetorical device of metonymy: “If we can’t hit the criminal in the heart, we hit him in the wallet.”

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