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Distributors Write For US

Distributors Write For US

Distributor is a common term in supply chains and refers to a party that plays an important role in a distribution process.

According to the Big Dictionary of Indonesia, distribution is a series of delivery activities to different people or different places. The person responsible for this activity is called a distributor.

Distributors act as intermediaries for product manufacturers and other entities in the distribution channel or supply chain. Distribution channels may include retailers, resellers, or wholesalers. Distributors enter agreements with manufacturers that may prevent them from selling competing products.

Sales Functions

In addition to their role as intermediaries between consumers and manufacturers, retailers are necessary for both parties from the perspective of consumers and manufacturers.

For Manufacturers

Ensure products get into the hands of consumers. The existing distribution process allows products to reach the consumer so that the results of production activities can continue to be absorbed by the market.

For Consumers

The distribution process is important not only for the manufacturers but also for the consumers so they can easily purchase the desired product.

The Essential Skills of Traders

Logistics Management

Managing logistics is required to maintain good relationships with all customers and retailers. Good management skills increase partner confidence as the delivery process remain as expected.

To Build a Relationship

Distributors act as middlemen and therefore must be able to build good relationships and maintain customer loyalty, especially for generic brands in the market when prices and promotional programs are similar between distributors. Relationships are important in this situation so customers do not simply switch to the competition.

Bargaining Power

Dealers must be able to negotiate purchasing prices with manufacturers and selling prices with retailers. Ideally, they should be able to buy from the manufacturer as cheaply as possible and aim for a high selling price to the dealer/consumer.

Marketing Ability

A retailer must not only maintain relationships and negotiate, but also be able to promote products to new customers. The aim is to attract new customers/dealers and expand the business reach.

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