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Business Model Write For Us

Business Model Write For Us

A business model describes how an organization creates, delivers, and captures value in economic, social, cultural, and other contexts. Building and changing the business model is also called business model innovation and is part of the corporate strategy.

In theory and practice, the term business model is used for various informal and formal descriptions representing fundamental aspects of an organization or business, including purpose, business processes, target customers, offerings, strategies, infrastructure, organizational structures, and purchases. Business practices, processes, and operating principles, including culture.


The literature has very different interpretations and definitions of the economic model. A systematic review and analysis of manager responses to the survey defines business models as the design of organizational structures to capture business opportunities. Further extensions of this design tenet emphasize narrative or consistency in business model descriptions as mechanisms by which entrepreneurs create highly successful growth companies.

Business models are used to describe and classify companies, especially in the corporate environment, and by company managers to explore possibilities for future development. Well-known business models can serve as “recipes” for creative leaders. In some cases, reference is also made to economic models in public accounting.


Business model design generally refers to a company’s business model design activity. It is part of the business development process and corporate strategy and includes design methods. Massa and Tucci (2014) have distinguished the difference between creating a new business model when one does not already exist, as is often the case with university spin-offs and high-tech entrepreneurship, and changing an existing business model, e.g., B. when Tool Hilti has switched from selling its tools to a rental model.

They suggested that the differences are so profound (e.g., lack of resources in the first case and inertia and conflicts with existing organizational configurations and structures in the second) that it might make sense to use different terms for both.

They propose that business model design refers to creating a business model when it does not exist and reconfiguring the business model as the business model changes while emphasizing that these two processes are not mutually exclusive, the reconfiguration can involve steps similar to designing a business model.

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