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What is Online Reputation, And How to Work

Online reputation: learn how to do it the right way. Digital marketing plans are no longer exclusive to significant administrations. The small businessperson has also gained space in the networks and seeks to become professional, communicating more accurately with their consumer audience.

Considering that the type of info consumed on the internet is quite variable and can be made available on several channels, it is necessary to know the profile of your audience well. In addition, it understands what works best for them, building, addition to a relevant digital presence, a position of authority, and reference.

Designers are a vital part of business success. It is because they deliver a large part of the contracted service. If we do not establish a good relationship with these professionals, the operational chain of our business is compromised. We lose quality on delivery, increase customer dissatisfaction and undermine our reputation.

Notice this example and understand; who is the “designer” of your business? Who is a fundamental part of this gear? Then, bring it closer to you, create bonds, get the relationship closer and invest in the most crucial thing to build a good reputation: excellence in the products and services offered.

Make Good Partnerships

If you know well who your persona is, you certainly know other companies that have a significant influence on her. Instead of competing for the digital market, join forces with these influencers! Have consistent co-marketing actions. Produce content together, make mentions on social networks, reach more people by writing guest posts, do link-building actions, and even co-branding. These actions will contribute to the SEO of your blog and website, both on and off-page, have excellent audience reach, contribute to market education and improve your brand’s reputation.

Please Do Not Do That

“When the feedback is negative, I delete it and reply privately.” Suppose you’ve never said that and were scared to read it; congratulations! You are on the right track.

If we could choose the biggest sin of online reputation management, it would be “Ignore what your customer has to say.” The relationship between the clients and the company must be 100% transparent. Negative comments are an excellent opportunity to show your audience that you care about their thoughts. As well as the experience he had and that he is committed to correcting and not repeating the same failure.

Don’t Show Robotization

Email marketing campaigns, cadence streams, and online chats are very efficient in building authority and excellent for understanding what engages your audience best. However, be very careful with the language used in this communication. Humanizing this type of interaction brings very significant results. Don’t neglect your consumer’s need to feel important.

High-Impact Actions.

Amazon, a major online retailer in the United States, advertised one of its products based on a criticism of the current management of the city of São Paulo. Mayor João Dória cleverly used his social media to post a video in response. He said there are other ways for Amazon to show it cares about São Paulo and Brazil. He provoked, asking for donations of books and computers. The retort was even more enjoyable! The gifts were made by Amazon and triggered a series of other contributions from other organizations.

Being attentive to all events, comments, criticisms, and challenges and being well advised in your actions are very important to managing your image in the digital environment.

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Always Be One Step Ahead

The increase in online business has caused many companies to create public commitments to guarantee a return on investment, delivery, meeting deadlines, etc. However, many did not honor the dedication and compromised the idea’s credibility. Our solution was to register this commitment in a notary’s office, strengthening the relationship of credibility that we wish to maintain with our customers. The result was very positive and still makes all the difference today.

Monitor Your Reputation.

There are now many tools on the market for managing social networks and monitoring the performance of websites and blogs. Google itself offers us some options. These resources give us some vanity metrics and other significant ones.

We have no control over the reach, but we have a way of monitoring the repercussions. Unfortunately, tracking the number of page likes and posts is no longer efficient. Therefore, you must assess your audience’s engagement with your brand and the content you provide. If your focus is always on solving your audience’s doubts and desires, your chances of success increase considerably.

Another critical point is to follow the actions of competing companies on the web. Monitor the sponsored links campaigns developed by them, evaluate the performance of keywords, and always have information on who your biggest organic competitor is. Finally, track ranking changes for keywords relevant to your market. Here at WeDoLogos, we use SEMRUSH, which offers us all these metrics and gives us the security to make consistent investments in Adwords campaigns. It provides qualified traffic, with greater possibilities of converting leads and increasing business opportunities for our commercial team.

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Managing Your Online Reputation Can Influence Your Sales.

Have you ever wondered what the possible reasons are for a business opportunity not becoming your customer? If so, have you ever stopped thinking they might be right?

There are a few reasons not to buy; perhaps the most important is credibility. If your audience doesn’t trust that your company can deliver will propose, they won’t buy from you. In addition, he may have a problem that you solve, the urgency to solve it, and the capital to invest, and none of this will be enough for a contract signature.

Just put ourselves in the role of consumers. What is our behavior when we make a purchase? And when are we going to establish a new commercial partnership? We all do an internet search first. We seek the opinion of other people, especially people and channels of excellent reliability.

Establishing and managing an excellent online reputation goes a long way toward imparting credibility to your business opportunity. It directly influences your behavior and decision, significantly impacting your company’s commercial.

Although with many resources and technology, we believe that the essential tool in building a good reputation remains a professional who takes immediate care of the various communication channels. Whether through social networks, complaint sites, or feedback that arrives by email. Tools provide data; the professional interprets it and, from there, can intervene consistently.

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It is necessary to have a marketing professional able to do this management. It will track metrics and resolve minor issues. But in situations of more significant risk, people with more authority often need to take a stand. CEOs and CMOs need to be increasingly participatory in communicating with the public.

It is necessary to evaluate the intercurrences on a case-by-case basis and always focus on responding promptly. It is essential not to dodge the problem and be concerned with presenting the customer’s solution.


Here we discuss measures to conquer, maintain and rescue your brand’s online reputation. But suppose you are focused on offering your audience not only a product or service but positioning yourself as a business partner willing to understand problems and help them with the solution. In that case, the established relationship tends to be very healthy, and building a good reputation is somewhat easier.

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