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What is App Marketing And How to work

What is App Marketing

App marketing appears as an aspect of digital marketing. Its main deliverable is the success in the number of users of an application. Within this aspect, some other types of marketing  includ, such as influencers, blogs, social networks, and, perhaps the newest among these, Game Ads.

App Marketing continues even when the person has already downloaded your app, as studies show that we tend to use the apps we download in the first two to three weeks, then decrease usage or uninstall.

The quality of the product also influences this work since user reviews are public and can will see those who have not yet downloaded the app.

To help you get started, let’s first talk about some tools.

Three essential tools for App Marketing

One of the characteristics of digital marketing is the availability of tools and platforms that help our decisions.

Companies that venture with applications must be familiar with Data-Driven management, which is data-based management, even more so when we talk about applications that have changes and updates made based on each user action within the application.

These actions generate information to understand engagement or what is or is not working within the application.

These types of actions can be done not only by large corporations but by anyone with internet access. Here are three tips to get you started with your app promotion:


This app provides data analysis from your app and makes it easy to make crucial decisions that impact your marketing strategy.


One of the world’s most popular AB testing tools, this tool lets you make changes and test page variations to find what converts best.

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Annie App

App marketing intelligence tool has many exciting options, such as seeing the top apps each day, monitoring competitors, demographic information, and much more.

These tools will also help with one of the main steps in marketing: finding who your target audience is.

Define Your Audience For App Marketing

  • We have two scenarios covering almost every app created: either the person has the solution to a problem that many people have and has built an app, or they have created an app that helps their business outside the app.
  • In both cases, the first step is the creation of the persona, which is the creation of a fictitious ideal customer based on all the information about what your perfect customer is like.
  • Suppose the objective was to create an app to solve something in a specific niche. In that case, you must have an understanding of where this audience is and who within it has the habit of using a mobile device, and among these, who usually uses apps to solve problems your obstacles.
  • Again, for this case, the persona definition is the best solution, which also includes studying the keywords most sought after by your audience and understanding their purchase journey.
  • Through the study of keywords, you will know how your audience behaves in internet searches and which searches they are related to. The customer’s purchase journey will identify the entire trajectory of content that your customer consumes until they download your app.
  • This creation will define all the directions of the other steps you will take. It’s no use applying all the possible techniques without a well-defined target, and of course, without the ideal moment.
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App Store Optimization

Organic search for apps is still widespread for people to get to your app.

According to Tech Crunch, about 40% of iOS users discover apps in the App Store rankings. While on Android, that number rises to 53%.

ASO (App Store Optimization) is a set of techniques, like SEO (Search engine Optimization), that aim to optimize the positioning of your app in the ranking of algorithms in searches through the description texts of applications and websites, if any.

ASO improves and optimizes the visibility of a mobile app in an app store like the Apple Store and Play Store. It is scarce for people to spend hours looking for a new app, be it a solution or a game. Therefore, it is always essential that your app appears in the first place.

The numbers regarding Google’s SEO are frightening since 30% of users are on the first result, and 80% of people are on the first page. In other words, being on the second page of Google means fighting for 20% of the audience. That’s crazy.

Based on this, we can conclude that you will not have a successful app if you are not in the top results and with a good rating. Therefore, knowing some ways to promote your app correctly is essential. Come on?

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