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Programming Write For Us

Programming Write For Us

Programming is a technological process that tells a computer what tasks to perform to solve problems. You can think of programming as a collaboration between humans and computers, where humans create instructions (code) that a computer can follow in a language that computers can understand.

Programming makes many things possible in our lives. Here are some examples:

  • When you browse a website to find information, communicate with a service provider, or make a purchase, programming allows you to interact with page elements on the site, such as: B. Registration or purchase buttons, registration forms contact and drop-down menus. menus.
  • The programming behind a mobile app allows you to easily order food, book a ride, track your fitness, access media, and more.
  • Scheduling allows businesses to work more efficiently using various file storage and automation software and video conferencing tools, among other things, to connect people around the world.
  • Space exploration is possible thanks to programming.

How does computer programming work?

In its simplest form, programming tells a computer what to do. First, a programmer writes code: letters, numbers, and other characters. Next, a compiler converts each line of code into a language that a computer can understand. The computer then scans and executes the code, completing a task or series of tasks. Tasks may include displaying an image on a web page or changing the font of a section of text.

Types of programming languages

Although there are hundreds (if not thousands) of programming languages and many ways to classify them, they can typically remain grouped into five main categories:

  1. Procedural programming languages
  2. Functional programming languages
  3. Object-oriented programming languages
  4. Scripting languages
  5. Logical programming languages

Most used programming languages

Several programming languages allow programmers to write code that computers understand. According to a Statista survey, the five programming languages that developers use most frequently are:

  • JavaScript, used by 65.36%
  • HTML/CSS, used by 55.08%
  • SQL, used by 49.43%
  • Python, used by 48.07%
  • TypeScript, used by 34.83%

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