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What Is Omnichannel Marketing – Benefits, Strategy, And More


Omnichannel marketing is an element that is becoming more popular every day within companies. In a recent survey, we can see that 56.6% of the companies consulted to carry out their commercial policies through a single site to avoid differences between the messages of their different channels.

In addition, the use of software that allows for generating omnichannel strategies generates a considerable impact on the customer satisfaction index. According to current data, 52% of customers of companies that have an omnichannel strategy for the best user experience have made an additional purchase due to this fact.

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Omnichannel Marketing

It must bear in mind that omnichannel does not only refer to digital media but also to communications made through physical means, such as the employee at the point of sale or communications by telephone or sales consultants. In this context, it can highlight that 60% of consumers who belong to the millennial generation prefer to use more than one channel.

The above data shows the importance of implementing an omnichannel marketing strategy.

Benefits Of Omnichannel Marketing

  • strategy can highlight multiple benefits and advantages of using an omnichannel:
  • An increase in the total volume of sales due to a higher degree of satisfaction and bond with the potential client.
  • Increase in total profits due to the acceptance of the brand and the purchase of complementary products.
  • Possibility of implementing a referral marketing strategy.
  • It improved brand reputation.
  • We increased the market share of the brand.

Omnichannel Marketing Vs Multichannel Marketing

Although they may seem synonymous, there is a big difference between omnichannel and multichannel marketing. In the first place, multichannel marketing refers to the existence of many communication channels to offer a product or service. However, omnichannel marketing is related to harmonizing the message shared in said channels.

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How To Create An Omnichannel Marketing Strategy With Sendpulse?

  • SendPulse is a platform with multiple channels in one place, which significantly reduces the risk of inconsistent communication with prospects and customers.
  • This platform’s tools are email marketing, chatbots for social networks (Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram and Telegram). SMS marketing, landing page builder, web push notifications and an effective CRM that allows harmonizing communications. Between the entire sales team for the physical store.
  • For an effective omnichannel strategy. SendPulse has a tool called 360 Automation that allows you to create automatic responses to specific events made by the client, as well as a sequence that can include everything from emails to short harmonized text messages.
  • In addition, if the user performs a specific action such as buying your product or service, it can be assigned through the CRM that a member of your team contact that person to provide a personalized experience.

Omnichannel Marketing Strategy

  • Automated flows are elementary to use since they have a drag and drop editor, where you only have to choose which element or channel you want and place it when you desire to send it.
  • In addition to 360 Automation, it can also use send pulses CRM independently keeps track of the activities carried out by collaborators in physical stores and sellers. In this way, it will supervise that the communications are entirely harmonized. Examples of omnichannel marketing campaigns
  • SendPulse’s message will unify all your communication channels, from email campaigns to organic posts and landing pages. At SendPulse, everything will force on a market segment of entrepreneurs and small business people, which can be seen in the valuable information it provides.
  • Starbucks is another critical example of an omnichannel marketing strategy that includes the physical store as a promotion. In the brand’s cafeterias, mobile applications, and advertising on networks and email. The slogan is clear: provide the best experience to customers so that they feel happy and return to the establishment.
  • The Starbucks app allows users to order their favourite drinks and pick up their products, eliminating long lines. Again, this is a combination of digital and physical harmonization.
  • Omnichannel is a feature that every company must implement since people use more than one channel to buy products or services, so the message must be the same in all traffic sources. In addition, companies must commit to managing their commercial policies through a single platform to prevent misinforming messages from being sent and generating consumer confusion.

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