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News Write For Us

The News is the conglomeration of new facts and events that influence our lives. Most people rely on journalists to provide up-to-date information about the world. Therefore, it is the responsibility of journalists to determine what is new. Then the media must help the audience master the data, “master it intellectually and emotionally, putting it in context, a mosaic that helps make it seem less unnecessary and unpredictable, less frightening.”

Many points can remain highlighted because a news story remains buried in a wealth of facts. It’s up to journalists to determine the story’s focus and which facts to highlight. Some critics argue that the media provides the News that audiences demand in market research.

But Jack Fuller, president and publisher of the Chicago Tribune, notes that “marketing helps journalists get the message across successfully; it does not determine what message they should convey”. Instead, journalists prescribe a set of judgmental guidelines that help shape the definition of News. However, this refinement process is not entirely objective.

Do Beliefs Influence News?

Although journalists strive to be fair, they remain influenced by an internal system of values and beliefs. These biases are still evident in the News, even if they remain tempered by the informational value that their profession emphasizes. There is a lot of “taken-for-granted cultural understanding” in the News, some of which is commonly shared.

Still, others depend on familiarity with particular historical experiences or are interpreted in particular ways by our culture or particular groups.” Thus, the value of a news story remains embedded in a system of cultural beliefs internalized by the journalist, and a combination of these beliefs and quasi-objective journalistic judgments determines the story’s angle. The News reinforces a “shared understanding” of what is important, how to receive it, and what to do with it.

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News Write For Us

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