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Honda Fit Fine Style – Full Guide


We tested the cheaper Honda Fit fine style. Is it worth it from its basic version?

Honda fit fine style: Almost always, the only models the brands have in the fleet of cars they lend us to the press are the most equipped. It is not bad, but those versions are not always the ones that most of us can afford or bear the most significant sales weight. On this occasion, Honda has left us a week behind the wheel of the Honda Fit Cool with manual gearbox, the cheapest in the range.

The purpose of our test is to check to what extent the essential Honda Fit retains its appeal, if it is a model worth paying for from its entry version, or if it is only interesting in more equipped versions because sometimes the trim costing is done in the wrong areas.

Honda Fit Fine Style Engine

Take away everything from the Honda Fit fine style, except the engine, the quality of the interior, and the space

The main qualities of the Honda Fit are independent of the equal of equipment. The chassis, the interior space, and the overall quality are constant in any of the three forms, so at least during the first contact, the elementary model meets our expectations.

Let’s start with the engine, which despite being a bit noisy, is one of the most powerful in its category. It’s a 1.5-liter block that delivers 130 horsepower and 114 pound-feet of torque, enough to get the Honda Fit moving smoothly. The touch of the transmission —the six-speed manual— and the accelerator highlight the mechanical resistance of the car, which is a fundamental sales argument in this type of vehicle.

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Fuel Consumption

Although the CVT automatic transmission works well, the six-speed manual in our test unit is still the best option for the best fuel economy. In the city, the average was 14.1 km/l; On the road, taking advantage of inertia and slopes, we could shoot it up to 20.1 km/l. Nothing bad.

The engine is noisy but feels solid, picks up speed reasonably quickly, and doesn’t use more gas than expected.

However, the best of the Honda Fit fine style is not its mechanics but its interior. It retains the feeling of quality of the most equipped model and some details such as the pseudo-leather on the dashboard, silver plastics, and the lacquered finish that surrounds the audio system. Contempt being the entry version, the panel does not blame our lack of budget. There are no holes evidencing equipment we did not pay for, nor black plastic reminding us, ” hey, look, here would be a nice detail, but you couldn’t afford something better.

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Interior Space

Throughout his life, his main attribute has been good interior space. Offering a minivan-type body allows it to provide the most spacious cabin in its segment —and even superior to some compacts. Length, width, and height, there is enough space for all five passengers. In addition, from this version, the UTLR (Utility, Long, Tall & Refresh) system is already offered, which lets the seats be configured in diverse ways depending on the type of objects we have to load. Yes, that includes surfboards, pots, and boxes.

The size of the windows favors the perception of spaciousness on board the Honda Fit. Also, the bottom of the rear seats is hollow; versatile.

Audio System

For starters, the audio system. It offers iPod compatibility, a USB port, Bluetooth hands-free, and a CD and MP3 player, but the sound quality from the speakers is pretty poor; Sometimes, even if it is a song on our cell phone, it seems that we are tuning the radio.

The lack of electrical equipment demonstrates that this car will not intend to be so essential. As if it were a Vocho, you would have to lower the windows and adjust the mirrors with your fingers because there are no paddles to move from the inside. Similarly, door locks can also be a problem; when closing the driver’s door (manually), all the doors close instead of opening.


Last, we don’t comprehend Honda’s decision to eliminate the decklid on the standard Fit. Even though it may appear uncomplicated, the fact that everything we have in the trunk is visible from the medallion is unsettling, especially in a nation where crime has become a way of life.

The only remaining features are air conditioning, a full trip computer, a steering column with depth and height adjustments, ABS brakes, frontal airbags, and a remote alarm system.

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